Why Is Hydrogen Peroxide One Of The Best Treatments For Yeast Infections

hydrogen peroxide for yeast infection

Yeast infection is one of the most common medical conditions that females experience. According to stats, about 75 % of all women will experience yeast infection at some point in their lives. This is quite a common condition: you are not the only one who has the infection and certainly, you will not be the last one to have this infection.

Putting it simply, vaginal yeast infection is easily curable so you do not need to be overly concerned. In present times, there is variety of home remedies available to help you deal with the yeast infection. If you know what you are doing, home based treatments are quite good and effective. Hydrogen peroxide is one among such treatments you can bank upon when it comes to recovering from a yeast infection quickly and easily. Keeping that in mind, here is what you should know about hydrogen peroxide and its effectiveness in healing the yeast infection:

Why External Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide Is Required When It Is Currently Present In The Body?

Just like Candida, hydrogen peroxide is already present in the vagina. It is already there doing its job of keeping the yeast infection at bay. However, the environmental conditions in the vagina are so favorable for the growth of Candida that the quantity of hydrogen peroxide present fails to counter it completely. External application of hydrogen peroxide fills this gap and helps your body to check the overgrowth of yeast naturally. Just buy commercially available hydrogen peroxide from your nearest supermarket, add a teaspoon of it to a cup of water and apply over the impacted locations. Hydrogen peroxide does not harm your vagina or your general health as it is naturally produced in the body.

Why Is This Treatment So Reliable?

Because hydrogen peroxide breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen upon application, it can be considered as highly reliable for the treatment of any kind of fungal yeast infection. The oxygen content in hydrogen peroxide helps to eliminate the fungal yeast infection. However, you need to be cautious when making your own mix of hydrogen peroxide as too much hydrogen peroxide in the solution can trigger a burning sensation in the afflicted locations. This burning sensation is more intense if the area is already inflamed or the infection is quite severe.

A teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water is considered safe for all age groups. As a regular user of hydrogen peroxide, I haven’t experienced any side effects with this strength of hydrogen peroxide solution.

However, it is necessary to understand that hydrogen peroxide cannot be recommended as a standalone treatment for yeast infection. Natural treatments like hydrogen peroxide are more reliable when integrated with appropriate lifestyle changes and anti fungal diet. Combining hydrogen peroxide treatment with other home remedies for yeast infection like using garlic paste, yogurt, and apple cider vinegar can certainly do wonders.

In some cases, the condition of the victim may have reached a stage where hydrogen peroxide will not be as effective. In such situations, it is necessary to involve a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment.

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For The Best Possible Relief In Yeast Infection?

When you have somebody saying no to douche, I am sure he has never faced a yeast invasion. All you truly care about in that moment is to obtain relief from that burning and bleeping itch! If you have attempted several remedies for yeast infection just to see your infection coming back again and again, try the douching system.

While it is true that douching can in fact trigger a bacterial infection, the secret lies in what you put in your douching equipment. Go to your local drug shop and purchase some 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide which is exactly what your mom used to put on your cuts and wounds when you were a child.

Do you remember how it would fizz up, when your mother used to put it on your wounds? Well that’s hydrogen peroxide doing its job, which is killing the bacteria. It does this job wonderfully inside the vagina by fizzling up into all the warm, moist and dark crevasses where the yeast loves to flourish and multiply. It kills all the bacteria, hence eliminating the most significant discomfort of yeast infection; the burning itch!

Here Are Step By Step Instructions On Using Hydrogen Peroxide For Immediate Relief In Yeast Infection:

  1. Fill your douching device half way with 3 % hydrogen peroxide, and then fill the rest of the space with water.
  2. While resting on the toilet seat (simplest) or lying down in the tub, insert the douching equipment into the vagina as deeply as possible and gradually press the bag until it is empty. Doing this gradually is essential so the hydrogen peroxide has time to fizzle up and eliminate the yeast. You will feel relief at this point instantly.
  3. Thereafter, refill the bag with plain water and squeeze quickly and deeply into the vagina. Do this 4 to 5 times. This flushes all the dead yeast out from the vagina.
  4. Now dry yourself off and smile, you have healed your yeast infection! You can follow this treatment as often as you want. You may need to repeat the treatment two times a day if you have a significant infection. Alternatively, if you need douching just to keep the infection off, do it every time after sex, before the onset of your menstrual cycle, throughout the time you are on steroids or prescription antibiotics, or whenever you feel that same itch coming back.
  5. Now when you have successfully killed and removed all the yeast, you want to reestablish acidophilus into the vagina so it can repopulate the area, leaving no scope for the yeast to gain grounds again. When you are done with flushing the dead yeast out of the vagina, add one tablespoon of acidophilus powder to your douching device, and if you have it available, a teaspoon of Boric Acid, fill the rest of the space with water, shake a bit and reinsert into the vagina gradually. The most vital ingredient in this method is the acidophilus, which will repopulate the required friendly bacteria in the vagina. Boric acid is a perk, as it offers the right acidity for acidophilus to flourish.

Most of the external cases of hydrogen peroxide are harmless if household strength hydrogen peroxide is used. However, the internal use of this chemical must be avoided at all costs. Clean your injuries with it, gargle with it, bleach your hair and your clothing with it, foam the wax out of your ears with it, but do not consume hydrogen peroxide internally or let anybody shoot it into your veins.


Hydrogen peroxide is so effective for the treatment of yeast infection that I could go on and on telling its benefits. This is a little brown bottle that no household should stay without! With prices of almost all the important medicines soaring up, I am glad that there is at least something coming for so less and curing one of the most dreaded diseases of all times. For more information and to cure your yeast infection holistically, click here!


  1. Lukman Nulhakiem says:

    I just want to remind the usage of hydrogen peroxide for this purpose and other home uses. Use only food grade hydrogen peroxide and low concentration only (less than 3%). Never use more than 8% hydrogen peroxide directly. It is very danger. Protect your eyes when you try to dilute it from high concentration to 3%. It is very corrosive and can oxidize your eyes.

  2. I have suffered from Candida Albicans for 11 yrs. I have had to pregnancies within those 11 yrs. At the time of being pregnant the infections would vanish. Once I gave birth they would come back. In 2-14-14 I had a hysterectomy removing my uterus and cervix. The infections were gone. Just last week infections are back. So after almost 2 1/2 yrs of relief I’m suffering again. Does anyone else have this problem. Please suggest anything that may help. I am so tired of this roller coaster ride. Thanks Diana.

  3. I put hydrogen peroxide on a tampon and forgot to add water I left it in for a few hrs and now I’m rally sore what should I do ?

    • Hi Cheryl,

      You will need to wash thoroughly. If the problem persists, please visit your doctor.

      The Worthwellness Team

  4. Jennifer soto says:

    So do I put the peroxide inside the vagina like inside or outside?

  5. Too late to help you but if this happens again insert some coconut oil

  6. FaBi carsot says:

    I had a hysterectomy. The itchiness is on the outside of my vulva. Do i still have to put the hp inside my vagina?

    • Hi Fabi,

      Yes, please use a higher dilution rate (I.e. use say 5% dilution) and apply a small quantity inside the vagina.

      The Worthwellness Team

  7. Oh my did this work wonders!!!!!! Been irritated down there cuz I just start waxing and using this after wax cream. Well she was on fire with a YI for three days before I found this. The peroxide helped instantly!!!! Thank God for the internet!!! I feel 100x relieved but yes mix it with water!!!!

  8. Hey I was wondering about suffering, due to age, an ittitatiin in the vagina. The doc Said I have thinning as I have aged and sometimes I am very sore and also have a slight discharge. He said it was normal but man when I get irritated it is the worst! Do you think peroxide and coconut would help?

    • Hi Cher,

      Since you are in pain, I would try it and assess. I believe that it should provide some relief.

      The Hairblog Team

  9. This is God sent! I didnt think it would work, but it works awesome…. It relieves all the itcky symptoms and I actually feel normal after the first try… Thank you!

  10. Can apple cider vinegar with water be applied inside the vagina to balance out the hydrogen peroxide douches, as stated above?

  11. How many times a day can you do this?

  12. What if you don’t have acidophilus powder? Would a powdered probiotic capsule work?

  13. Theasa Chavers says:

    Can I use boric acid and poroxide doing at the same time?

    • Hi Theasa,

      It is not recommended to use both at the same time. You could alternate them if you want.


  14. How do I use peroxide with a tampon? Do I soak it in half peroxide and water then insert it? How long do I leave it?

    • Hi SErene,

      Yes correct, you can soak in blend and then use it. You can leave it on for a few hours, but not overnight.


  15. The best way of treating yeast infection

  16. Kristina Hockley says:

    As a diabetic, I get these soooooo much. Sometimes the Drs are willing to do a over the phone script for the one day pill when they know I know we’ll enough. Sometimes I don’t get so lucky.
    Especially when it’s 2 am and your bawling in the bathtub bc you’ve washed off whatever was covering the raw skin, raw skin from the horrible itching.
    I did this….Omg. it all made sense to me.so I said hey why not.
    This is heaven sent. I like to try to find home remedies as often as possible I already take so many meds.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  17. I have to try this immediately. It’s very irritating having a yi and unfair to my spouse lol.

  18. Yeasty Yenta says:

    I suffered for about 15 years and tried EVERYTHING. Here’s what worked for me-
    1. No more monestat.
    2. Yeastaway boric acid. Whenever things get hot, itchy and thick/white. Just use a pencil eraser size chunk every time you use the bathroom (stick it WAY up there). It melts so be aware of leakage. It will actually push that yeast out and the good bacteria love it.
    3. No more antibiotics, unless it’s life threatening. If you have a UTI take D-Mannose powder. If you have a cold- fluids and vitamins. It’s likely viral anyway…
    4. If your vag gets really unbearable do the hydrogen peroxide douche (but remember that it kills bacteria too)
    5. Liquid probiotics (don’t waste your money on bacteria pills) or plain yogurt. I put a dollop in my diva cup every month.
    6. Good yeast pills- saccromicces boulardii. Is the only “health” pills I’ll buy- it’s a good yeast. I was scared of it at first but now I can’t stop talking about how wonderful it is.
    7. Repeat Yeastaway as needed- indefinitely. I did it multiple times a day for months. And now I’m down to about one time a month.
    8. Realize that your cycle will bring yeast along with it, use the Yeastaway.
    9. No more birth control. Estrogen may have something to do with it. Use condoms- that sperm is too alkaline.
    10. TMI directions- When I get that one itchy day a month, I use the Yeastaway, and sort of scoop the thick, white gunk out of my vagina and then insert the Yeastaway. I immediately feel like that yeast is gone. I’ve even tried an experiment w that gunk- I rubbed it on the inside of my wrist and sure enough it burned and itched like hell.

    I seriously never thought I would be cured from yeast. Stop starving yourself (cutting back on sugar isn’t bad, but the no sugar diet can be too much).

    • Hi Yeasty,
      Thanks very much for putting this together and for some great advice, it is very much appreciated.

      The WW Team

  19. I have a yeast infection but I am scared to insert the hydrogen peroxide in my vagina but at the same time time the infection is irritating me very much.i don’t know if there’s anything you can say to comfort me into inserting it

    • Hi Maria,

      There is nothing to worry about. You simply need to dilute it properly and start off with a very small quantity to test the waters so to speak. You can then increase the quantity as you become more comfortable.

      The WW Team

  20. I am currently 6 months pregnant, is the peroxide wash safe to use?? Would it be effective just to wash with and not use it as a couch??

    • Hi Ashlee,

      Although safe, I would be careful with using hydrogen peroxide at 6 months pregnancy. It is perhaps best to simply wash as you pointed out.

      The WW Team

  21. Eyvette says:

    I’ve had a yeast infection for about three days, I’ve been drinking lots of water and only eating eggs. No sugars AT ALL. I’ve had oranges which I think is good because it gives you Vitamin C. Is Fish Oil Omega 3 good to intake in a gel like capsule? Then on the third day I starting bleeding which now I am on my period. Can I still prevent the yeast from living by using this Hydrogen Peroxide method. Is it safe or should I do it after my period? My period lasts for only three days. But I can’t do this anymore. It’s sucks because I can’t sleep good at night. Oh and I will be getting Apple Cider Vinegar today and putting this in my water that I drink. Please, I need help asap… The itching is so annoying to have to deal with. & the white discharge is gross. Oh and the reason why I am resulting to Home Remedies is because I have no medical insurance at the moment and it seems less harmful. Please Help Me. Thank-you

    • Hi Eyvette,

      Yes you can still use the hydrogen peroxide…and do so after the period. It will fix you up very promptly.

      The WW Team

  22. Astonishing says:

    My vagina was burning and itching ive been on a sugar spree my husband of 5 years he’s very sexually active and i try to keep up for the sake of our marriage i used the hp and water method and i feel so much relief thank you so much!

  23. Eyvette says:

    So if you use the peroxide method with a tampon, how long do you keep it in? Do you rinse it out or just take the tampon out, and your ok? How many times can you use this method with a tampon daily or etc. Thank you

    • Hi Eyvette,
      You can keep it for half a day at a time, then change to a new one. You can do it 2-3 times daily as required.

      The WW Team

  24. I don’t have the acidophilus liquid all I have is the acidophilus pearls.
    After the hp, what should I do?

    • Hi Joann,

      That should be ok as well. Simply relax, and you will get the much needed relief.

      The WW Team

  25. If i used antifungal cream once at night can i still use peroxide in the morning?

  26. Im a male could i drink hydrogen peroxide or insert it rectally im very itchy

  27. If I took the 1 day monistat can I still do the hydrogen peroxide?

  28. Brenda J Clinton says:

    Thank you very much for the info using
    Hp for yeast infection. Just last Sunday
    I finished a 3 dosage of medicine to be taken every 72 hours and here I am again itching I was scrolling the Internet and Thank God this Hp info showed up.
    I’m also diabetic and have been very
    Very careful about the sugar.I want to know why the recurrance.I am 63 years

  29. Ummm hi i am 13 have suffered from yeast infection for 2 or 3 years and i havent told my mother because i usually can take care of myself and its embarrassing.i do not know what to do and im wondering if i use hydrogen peroxide will help but im scared that it will burn or be sore afterwards and if there are any other things i can do to cure it by myself .

  30. Jessica Schamber says:

    Well I wanted to start of by saying thank you SO much I have had yeast infections my whole life I have a skin problem with it where my body can’t produce enough anti-body’s I lost pigment in parts of my upper chest and back due to this so I normally can catch it before it ggets bad but I just had my daughter 2 1/2 month’s ago and finally just stopped bleeding and didn’t realize I already had one started and it evolved worse than ever before where I have soars and cuts along my whole Yahoo as me and my daughter’s call it where it was worse than a c section I soaked in a tub with half water and half peroxide omg it stung like crazy but it’s the first time I have had relief it was hard sitting or standing or one from another thanks so much for helping me even if it’s for a little bit I feel like a woman again that’s not bleeding anymore lol

    • Hi Jessica,

      You’re welcome and thanks for sharing your story, it is much appreciated.

      The WW Team

  31. Rita Gonzalez says:

    Well i have done alot and dont use softners on towels bleach on panties no perfumes on your body just senstive soap no perfumes of any kind that touches you private part and stay away from swimming pools for long period of time and your problem of yest infeaction will be solved its all perfumes of any kind and if you have intercorse make sure your spouse uses no perfume to shower like the gels and so forth i hope yall the best of luck

  32. So much information THANK YOU. I had strep throat and the doctor gave amoxicillin 500MG one capsule twice a day for ten days. That cause yeast. I am not a happy camper from my head ( throat ) to my bottom. Your site answers so many questions and gave me ways to fight naturally. Home remedies that I have now I tried one and it worked.

    God Bless You

    • Hi Roshni,

      You’re welcome. Indeed, antibiotics have many side effects, thanks for sharing.

      The WW Team

  33. So once a day do the hydrogen peroxide and follow with the cider vinegar.
    This is new to me I have a yi now and want to make sure I follow the directions right.

  34. Relief needed says:

    Thank you. YI is so painful could not sleep or barely sit still…instint relieve…thank you!!!!

  35. Dwunya Haynes says:

    Thanks to you all for the advice, but I have a question, I used a Diflucan pill on Thursday, is it ok to use the hydrogen peroxide tonight or tomorrow night, or should I use it both nights? I really need some help, my husband is threatening to go outside of the marriage, because it’s been 2 months since we’ve had relations, I feel so bad for both if us

  36. Francisco says:

    Ima man and been having it a yeast infection almost all my life.and up to this day I still do.it burns and it’s expanding. Most it irritates when I’m scratching. Sometimes I scratch it feels so good,that it gets bad and starts to burn .what should I do keep it from burning?

    • Hi Francisco,

      You can use the peroxide on the affected areas too. This will reduce the inflammation/yeast infection which in turn will reduce the need to scratch.

      The WW Team

  37. This worked instantly! I think it works best the moment someone realizes it began and if early in recognizing symptoms before any urges to scratch or irritatation develop for instant relief without worrying about how the hydrogen peroxide might affect inflammation! Thank you so much! I cannot stress this enough because you took a week of trying medication and drugstore products and pain and mess (that I have done before) and it was taken care of in 10 minutes easy! Yeast infections were my biggest fear and now it’s one less thing to never worry about.

  38. I used the hp and water method yesterday and have experianced some blood spotting and burning sensation while urinating. What should i do to prevent this any further? Did i use to much hp?

    • Hi Trinity,

      There’ll be a light stinging when first used. If this persists, please dilute more, i.e. use less HP and more water.

      The WW Team

  39. I have had itching on outer lip of vagina for years but no real yeast infection. After reading this today, I tried the hydrogen peroxide with little effect so I tried just a little boric acid and THE ITCH STOPPED! Yippee! Rather than pay expensive prices I bought $3.00 powdered Roach Killer which is 99% boric Acid and 1% natural pearlite (per my phone call to company). They said many women just put a tiny amount up the vagina, instead of using suppositories. Hmmm. I’m just glad my itching stopped in minutes!

  40. What if I don’t have any acidophilus powder? Will this cause a problem or higher risk of Y.I returning?

  41. I wish I had known this when I was young ,in the old days there wasn’t much you could learn about the yi. We lived in a remote area so my doc gave me a bottle of a stuff called gentian violet medication ,I had a purple pussy! As I had to insert the stuff in myself by putting it in an eyedropper
    While I was upside down!!!! But it worked ok. But what a mess ,

    • Hi Barbara,

      I think I can relate to the purple stuff except that it was more for bruises, but yeah it makes everything purple. Thanks for the info.

      The WW Team

  42. Hi. I just used hydrogen peroxide directly on a tampon and had it in for about an hour. I am now leaking almost like a watery discharge since taking it out. Even leaking overnight. Nothing major just wet underwear. Is this normal?

  43. Hi just curious if I can use acidophilus capsules and open them up and use the powder that’s in side to make a douche would that work? Because I don’t have regular acidophilus powder

  44. And if so do I use the same measurement one teaspoon of the powder that’s in the capsules

    • Hi Micayla,

      As long as the concentration is the same, yes. Otherwise, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

      The WW Team

  45. HELP!!! I’ve tried everything from 3 pills of diflucan, 3 days monistat 3 times, 3 days clotrimazole, boric acid, probiotic capsules for the past 6 months! I started the hydrogen peroxide once a day for three days.1st day: great with instant symptom relief. 2nd day: minir symptom coming back. 3rd day: hurts and painful during mid day with white discharge. The doc says it’s definitely YI because she looked at sample under microscope. What else could I do to cute the YI??? It’s been so bad, and really affecting my love life as well :'( there are so many times I just want to cry because of discomfort, pain and helplessness.

  46. Instant relief the moment I used the HP, how many days do I need to keep doing it for so the yeast infection can be completely gone? I also don’t have any of the stuff to put in after but I’m on extra strengh probiotic tablets (30 billion CFU) with Lactobacillus Acidophilus in it…is this ok instead.

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