2 Ways To Use Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection in Armpit

tea tree oil for yeast infection in armpit

Having a yeast infection can be stressful, irritating and painful – but thankfully using home remedies for yeast infections will clear that pesky infection up in no time! In addition to explaining the benefits of treating yeast infections naturally, this article will give you some detailed and practical information on using tea tree oil for yeast infection in your armpit, at times an awkward place to have such an infection. Don’t forget to check out this great eBook for even more tips and advice on how to treat yeast infections naturally with tea tree oil!

Treat Yeast Infections in Armpit Naturally with Tea Tree Oil

As you will know from reading other articles on this website, the candida yeast loves warm, moist environments, such as your armpits. Though the numbers of candida fungus are usually kept in check by other good bacteria in your body, sometimes it overgrows, thereby causing a yeast infection. The reasons it overgrows are numerous, and often related to pre-existing health conditions. If you have a weakened immune system, whether because of certain medical treats such as chemotherapy or because of other medical conditions such as HIV and Lupus, you will be more susceptible to yeast infections in all areas of the body, and the same is true if you have certain lifestyle conditions such as poor hygiene or obesity. Whatever the reason for the yeast infection in your armpit, you don’t have to worry for much longer – tea tree oil is here to help!

Tea tree oil is best used as a topical treatment method, which is perfect for treating a yeast infection in your armpit. In fact, you can even use tea tree oil as an all-natural deodorant, so follow this great recipe to both cure your yeast infection and keep yourself smelling fresh every day!

Recipe: Tea Tree Oil Deodorant


  • tea tree oil
  • Aloe vera gel


  • Place 2 drops of tea tree oil and one drop of aloe vera gel onto your fingers and massage into underarm.
  • Repeat with the second underarm.
  • For best results, this tea tree oil and aloe vera deodorant should be used after a bath or shower while your pores are open.
  • Repeat daily or twice daily until the yeast infection has completely cleared up.


Sometimes the skin in our armpits can be sensitive, especially in women who shave on a regular basis, so you may wish to further dilute the tea tree oil in the aloe vera gel. Tea tree oil has amazing antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that will get to work right away, so start using this great method as soon as the symptoms of a yeast infection appear!

The Importance of Using Home Remedies for Yeast Infections in Armpit

There are a variety of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that are on the market to cure yeast infections, but I strongly recommend that you use natural treatment methods for several reasons. Whereas prescription drugs and other medications contain potentially harmful chemicals that are unnatural and can lead to painful and irritating side effects, home remedies such as tea tree oil will work in harmony with your body, using only natural and organic ingredients, to get rid of the yeast infection in your armpit.

These remedies are also less expensive than drugs and medications, and will save you the time of going to your doctor or healthcare professional for a prescription or recommendation. So whether you choose tea tree oil or one of the other fantastic natural cures for yeast infections listed on this website, remember that you are making a great choice that will ensure that your yeast infection is cured quickly and effectively, without any risk of irritating or painful side effects. Now that you know how to treat yeast infections in an all-natural way, go out and get some tea tree oil and get started on curing your yeast infection!

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