About Me

About me

My name is Nicole Monroe, and I’ve suffered from several yeast infections – just like you probably are right now! Though I had occasionally gotten yeast infections during my childhood and adolescence, and had helped my husband through his breakouts of athlete’s foot (a yeast infection on the feet), I never paid much attention to them: it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that I became worried about my latest yeast infection outbreak and decided to seek a treatment that would work for me and my baby. Unfortunately that was a bit harder than it seems!

Because I was pregnant, I was determined to find a natural treatment for my yeast infection. I decided the best thing to do was to first learn as much as I could about yeast infections – I knew several friends who had contracted yeast infections while pregnant, but was unsure of the connection. Much of the information I came across online was conflicting and confusing, so I started asking medical professionals and doing my own research at the local library.

Once I understood the reasons I was more likely to contract a yeast infection while pregnant (which you can read about in several articles on this site dealing with yeast infections and pregnancy), I sought out the best natural cures. Once again, the internet seemed to be littered with bits and pieces of somewhat confusing suggestions, but no one website had clear information about all of the amazing and effective natural treatments for yeast infections. How frustrating!

So I decided to put all of my research and experience to good use – I setup this website! Suffering from a yeast infection is horrible enough, without having to be confused by conflicting information and suggestions that are spread across hundreds of websites and books. I was able to utilize several of the fantastic cures that are available for you on this site, as well as in this great eBook, and I hope that my battle with my yeast infection eases your own burden. Some of these cures are so effective that you can continue to use them in order to prevent more yeast infections from occurring!

Hopefully this website will provide you with the advice and support your need, and the natural cures for yeast infections I suggest are great alternatives to the expensive and potentially harmful prescription drugs your doctor may suggest. So keep reading on to learn all about how to cure yeast infections naturally!

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