9 Potentially Dangerous Yeast Infection Myths Busted

One of the significant issues that patients suffering from yeast infection face is their lack of knowledge of the disease. They already have their preconceived notions on what the disease is and what it’s not. It's not unusual to hear yeast sufferers state things like "but I believed yeast infections only happen to women…" or "but I eat healthy food all the time...". The issue, in many cases, is that these individuals have very limited knowledge of the Candida yeast infections, making them Continue Reading

Why Threelac Is One Of The Best Possible Treatments For Yeast Infection?

Threelac is considered one of the best treatments for yeast infections that are offered on non-prescription basis. Hundreds and thousands of patients with persistent yeast infection have experienced favorable outcomes with the use of Threelac. With that said, here is all you should know about Threelac and its effectiveness in treating yeast infections. Continue Reading

What You Should Know About Yeast Infection In The Lungs?

Yeast infection in lungs happens when an individual's immune system is compromised, making him vulnerable to being infected from fungi like candida, the species liable for causing yeast infections in different parts of the body. Yeast infection in lungs might strike an individual irrespective of his sex and age; however, there is a higher likelihood of infection in people that have poor hygiene standards or stay in damp and warm locations. 10 Signs And Symptoms That Indicate The Possibility Of Continue Reading

Sex Is The Major Cause For Yeast Infection In Men: Myth Or Reality

Since there is a preconceived notion within the circle of doctors that men do not get yeast infections, most men will spend their life in discomfort without ever knowing that they have a yeast infection. Generally, men come to know about this disease from their infected partner, who tells them that she has yeast infection and there are chances that they have it too. The majority of physicians will recommend an anti-fungal for the female's vaginal yeast infection and suggest the same to their Continue Reading

Why Is Hydrogen Peroxide One Of The Best Treatments For Yeast Infections

Yeast infection is one of the most common medical conditions that females experience. According to stats, about 75 % of all women will experience yeast infection at some point in their lives. This is quite a common condition: you are not the only one who has the infection and certainly, you will not be the last one to have this infection. Continue Reading