What Are The Best Home Treatments For Intestinal Yeast Infections

Yeast infections of the intestine are triggered by an overgrowth of the fungi called Candida Albicans. Apart from affecting the intestine, Candida Albicans triggers infections of the vagina and mouth. Taking prescription antibiotics, unhealthy diet, weakened immune system and disturbed pH-levels in the body are some of the known causes for this overgrowth. The standard treatment available for this disease generally needs a mix of adopting an antifungal diet plan, taking natural antifungals and Continue Reading

How to Use Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection While Pregnant

If you contract a yeast infection when you are pregnant, it is especially important to use a home remedy for yeast infections such as coconut oil, for several reasons. Perhaps most compelling is the fact that using a natural cure and home remedy will ensure that no strange chemicals are entering your (and your baby’s) system: many prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications have ingredients that we cannot even pronounce, let alone know what they are or how they might react with your Continue Reading

How You Can Make Use of Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection in Men

Though many men may assume that only women catch yeast infections, they would be wrong – anyone can catch yeast infections, but fortunately everyone can use coconut oil as a natural cure for male yeast infections! Coconut oil is a great cure for men suffering from yeast infections because it can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on your lifestyle and dietary requirements or restrictions. Continue Reading

Can Coconut Oil Be Used To Treat Vaginal Yeast Infection

Many women use coconut oil for vaginal yeast infection because it is a safe, quick, and effective means to  treat yeast infections naturally. As you will read in this detailed article, coconut oil has several natural properties which make it idea for helping you, your friends and loved ones cure pesky vaginal yeast infections that always seem to appear at the most inconvenient times! So keep reading on to find out more! Continue Reading

Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection in Babies – How Does It Work?

It is always distressing to see our youngest family members sick, but thankfully you can use coconut oil for yeast infection in a child as well as an adult. Using a natural cure for yeast infections is often the best option when treating babies and young children because they use ingredients that occur in nature and therefore will work in harmony with the body to cure the yeast infection, no matter where it occurs. So continue reading to find out how your baby’s yeast infection can be cured Continue Reading