Four Important Facts You Should Know About Garlic for Yeast Infection

garlic for yeast infection

If you have some leftover garlic sitting in your kitchen cupboard from the last time you cooked dinner, then you have a fantastic home remedy for yeast infections right at your fingertips! Garlic is an excellent all-natural cure for yeast infections because garlic cloves contain antifungal properties that work quickly and effectively to rid your body of yeast infections, no matter where in or on your body they occur.

Like many of the other natural treatments for yeast infections that are discussed on my website, and in this amazing eBook, garlic can be used in a variety of different ways and using several different methods in order to cure yeast infections. This article will give you a great introduction to some ways to use garlic to treat yeast infections whether you are a man, woman or child – so continue reading to find out more!

Garlic for Yeast Infection in Anus

Because the candida fungus thrives in warm, moist environments, the anus is a natural breeding ground for yeast infections. Fortunately, garlic works as an excellent yeast infection natural treatment for cases that develop in the anus, and it can be used in several different ways depending on how severe your infection is.

If you have a relatively mild anal yeast infection, you may wish to simply consume more garlic in your daily diet. This can be accomplished by adding garlic to sauces and meat dishes, or by blitzing some up in a homemade smoothie or juice.

If you find that adding garlic to your diet is not to your taste (or is detrimental to your love life!) you can also apply garlic directly to the site of the infection. One way to do this is to peel the fine paper covering of a single garlic clove and insert it directly into your anus.

Alternatively, you can also mince a garlic clove using a garlic press: this will create a smooth, almost paste-like consistency to the garlic which can then be applied directly onto the site of the yeast infection. Ideally you should allow these treatments to sit for an hour or so, before rinsing the garlic thoroughly with lukewarm water. Repeat often to ensure that the garlic’s antifungal properties are doing the trick!

Garlic for Yeast Infection during Pregnancy

Vaginal yeast infections are quite common in pregnant women for a variety of reasons: firstly, the vagina is already a potential hotbed of candida fungus because it is a naturally warm and moist environment, which yeast infections abound in! Secondly, the hormonal changes that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy also inhibit the good bacteria in our bodies from being able to effectively regulate bacteria like the candida fungus, which can become harmful if it overgrows in the body (thereby causing a yeast infection).

Garlic is a great all natural home remedy to deal with yeast infections in pregnant women because it is all-natural and therefore will not cause side effects for you or your baby. Garlic is also readily available and many health food stores and groceries will carry organically grown garlic, which is even better as it will not have been exposed to harmful pesticides. In order to use garlic to treat a vaginal yeast infection, you can add garlic to your daily diet to treat the infection from the inside out.

You can also directly insert garlic into the vagina for a topical treatment that goes right to the source of the infection. This can be done by peeling a garlic clove and then wrapping it in cheesecloth, which you can tie together with a string. You can then insert the wrapped garlic into your vagina, with the string allowing you to easily and gently remove it after a few hours. Repeat this often in order to clear up your vaginal yeast infection quickly and effectively.

Garlic for Yeast Infection in Men

Men can get yeast infections in many places in and around the body, but luckily garlic can be used to naturally treat a yeast infection wherever it occurs! Depending on your normal diet and lifestyle, you may find it easiest to incorporate garlic into your daily routine: add some to a homemade pasta sauce, or finely mince a few cloves to put into a stir-fry dish.

If the actual taste of garlic does not appeal to you, blending one or two cloves into a smoothie or protein shake is a great way to add garlic into your diet without necessarily tasting it.

If you are still adverse to consuming garlic, not to worry: garlic can also be applied topically to the affected area. In more sensitive areas, such as on the face or penis, you may wish to simply rub a peeled garlic clove over the infection. On other areas of the body, you can also use a garlic press to create a fine mince of garlic to directly smooth over the infection like a paste. Leave this on for several hours before cleansing gently with lukewarm water.

Garlic for Yeast Infection in Toddlers

Using garlic as a yeast infection natural treatment is a great option for toddlers. The use of natural remedies to cure illnesses and infections in children is an excellent alternative to drugs and medications, as garlic, like other home remedies, will not cause harmful side effects or interrupt with your child’s daily routine.

Using garlic as an edible cure for your toddler’s yeast infection is also a fantastic way to introduce them to a food they might not normally have at such a young age. Sometimes we do not challenge a child’s palate enough, and bringing in new foods to their diet can encourage them to try new things and continue to eat healthily throughout their lifetimes. A great way to do this is by pureeing garlic into other mashed vegetables, such as potatoes or other root vegetables, which you and your family already eat. This mild flavor should hopefully help your child get used to the garlic and make them more ready to accept it in other dishes.

Like other treatments using garlic described in this and other articles on the site, you can also apply the garlic directly to the affected area, either by rubbing a whole peeled clove or smoothing on a garlic paste.

I hope this article has given you a few ideas for how to treat your yeast infection with garlic. A fantastic home remedy for yeast infections, using garlic can be a wonderful alternative to expensive and potentially harmful prescriptions and medications!

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  1. How do i use the Garlic for yeast infection?

    • Hi Lebo,

      You can follow the instructions on the post, i.e. insert it whole, crush it and form a paste, etc. and apply to the affected areas.

      The WW Team


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