How To Use Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection in Mouth and Throat

tea tree oil for yeast infection

As you may have read in the other articles in this section, using tea tree oil as a natural cure for yeast infections is best administered through topical application. This is because tea tree oil can be harmful if ingested, unlike other natural cures  garlic and apple cider vinegar.

You may be wondering, then, how it is possible to treat a yeast infection in the mouth and throat, or what is more commonly known as oral thrush. Hopefully this article will answer any and all questions you have about how to use tea tree oil for oral thrush, but if you are still wondering about things or want even more detailed information, check out this great eBook!

Reasons Why a Yeast Infection Develops in Mouth and Throat

Oral thrush, or a yeast infection in the mouth and throat, occurs when the number of candida fungus overgrows and the good bacteria in your body is unable to bring it back down to its normal level. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons you may get a yeast infection are due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as having a weakened immune system due to chemotherapy, HIV, or Lupus. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, you should be sure to take your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C, as this will naturally boost your immune system and help it ward off yeast infections and other illnesses.


Other reasons for contracting a yeast infection may be due to your overall health and hygiene habits. For instance, if you frequently go to the gym but leave your sweaty socks on long after your workout is finished, you will likely contract a yeast infection on your feet, more commonly known as athlete’s foot! In addition, if you are overweight or obese you may develop excess skin folds: the candida fungus loves warm, moist environments and these skin folds are perfect natural breeding grounds for this bad bacteria.

How to Treat Oral Thrush with Tea Tree Oil

For yeast infection outbreaks on the skin, tea tree oil can be applied topically or be used in a soothing bath. But what should you do for a yeast infection in the mouth and throat? Oral thrush is a particularly nasty type of yeast infection and you may exhibit several painful symptoms such as cracked skin in the corners of your mouth, problems swallowing, a bad taste in your mouth, and white patches on your tongue and side of your mouth that can bleed when you brush them away.


Thankfully you can use tea tree oil to alleviate these symptoms and get rid of the yeast infection once and for all. This is because the tea tree oil has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which get to work right away at killing off the candida fungus and preventing it from replicating anymore.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash to Cure Oral Thrush

Recipe: Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash to Cure Oral Thrush


  • one part tea tree oil
  • One part water


  • Dilute the tea tree oil in an equal amount of water.
  • Being very careful not to swallow it, swish 1 tablespoon of the mixture around your mouth for 30-60 seconds, and be sure to gargle at the end if your yeast infection has spread to your throat.
  • Spit out the entire tea tree oil mouthwash when finished.
  • You should repeat this a few times a day to receive the maximum benefit.


The inside of your mouth can be quite sensitive, so dilution is absolutely necessary, and you may wish to dilute the mixture more if you find that this 50:50 ratio is still too strong.

By using tea tree oil as a mouthwash, you are ensuring that all affected areas of your mouth and throat are exposed to it and hopefully you will be cured in no time!

Pros and Cons of Using a Natural Cure for Yeast Infections in the Mouth and Throat

Throughout this article, and on this entire website, I have explained the many beneficial reasons for using natural cures and home remedies for yeast infections. By using natural and organic ingredients to cure your yeast infection, you are being gentle to your body and not putting yourself at risk for the many harmful and irritating side effects that prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can cause. So head down to your local health food store and pick up some tea tree oil to cure yeast infections in the mouth and throat!

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