Sex Is The Major Cause For Yeast Infection In Men: Myth Or Reality

Sex Is The Major Cause For Yeast Infection In Men

Since there is a preconceived notion within the circle of doctors that men do not get yeast infections, most men will spend their life in discomfort without ever knowing that they have a yeast infection. Generally, men come to know about this disease from their infected partner, who tells them that she has yeast infection and there are chances that they have it too. The majority of physicians will recommend an anti-fungal for the female’s vaginal yeast infection and suggest the same to their partner. Some physicians might even go to the extent of telling that men do not get yeast infections.

Apart from getting yeast infection on the penile skin, men are at a considerable risk of establishing other health conditions because of the yeast infection present in them. Throughout sexual intercourse, the male’s urethra is exposed and susceptible to urinary tract infection from an infected female. In many cases, yeast can take a trip up the urethral canal and settle in the kidneys, bladder and prostate; however, this is quite unusual.

As the exterior of the penile skin is about 77 degrees, yeast present on it might stay inactive for long. However, as soon as the penis is inside the vaginal canal, it can not only trigger yeast infection in women but make the situation more discomforting for the man too. If the reason for the vaginal yeast infection in your partner is you making love with her, there is a high likelihood that you already have yeast present on your penis and possibly in the urinary tract.

Signs And Symptoms Of Male Yeast Infection

Unlike yeast infection in women, a penile yeast infection might not show up any signs and symptoms of it, especially during the development phase. However, when signs and symptoms start to manifest, they can be highly discomforting.

Any signs of penile yeast infections need to be addressed out clinically as quickly as possible. Men with yeast infections might experience mood swings and momentary lapse of memory. Penile yeast infections can also trigger ailments related to the prostate. If you have candidal balanoposthitis (male yeast infection), here are some of the more common signs and symptoms you might experience:

  1. Craving for sugary foods
  2. Indigestion
  3. Inflammation and swelling on top of the penis
  4. Pain throughout the sexual intercourse
  5. White discharge, just like a vaginal infection
  6. Itchiness and irritation
  7. Sores on the foreskin of the genital organ
  8. A burning sensation when passing urine
  9. A thick, bumpy discharge from under the foreskin
  10. Problem pulling back your foreskin
  11. An undesirable smell of the foreskin

Men do not generally establish penile discharge; however, it does appear that up to 15 percent of men experience an awkward rash on their penis if they have unsafe sex with a female who has a yeast infection. There is a greater chance of contracting the infection in those that are not circumcised. In homosexual relationships, it’s possible that yeast infection is transmitted from one partner to another, although this has not yet been studied thoroughly.

Sexual Transmission As The Major Cause Of Yeast Infection In Men?

Yeast infection cannot be considered a sexually transmitted disease as a woman or a man can find himself infected without any sexual intercourse involved. While sexual intercourse is the major channel for the transmission of this disease from females to males, Candida can also be transmitted by direct contact. Therefore, having sex with an infected individual is not the only reason for the transfer of the disease.

A yeast-infected female who has unguarded sex with a man can pass on the infection to her partner. Later on, after she has overcome her infection, she might find herself infected again due to having sex with the partner she infected before. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious, if you suspect your partner to be carrying this infection.

You should follow the safest standards of sex until you are sure that both of you are infection-free. Throughout an infection or while your partner is being treated for the same, avoid vaginal intercourse, clean your hands or use gloves before touching your own crotch and your partner’s, and keep those sex toys really clean.

It is always a smart idea to use condoms if you are willing to stay sexually active while your partner is being treated for the yeast infection. Naturally, this is a sensible advice even when your partner doesn’t have any yeast infection.

Putting Sex On Hold?

In my view, yeast infections are often transmitted from one partner to another through sex. However, there are other reasons for the spread of infection too. Despite the fact that you might not have the same urge for sex if you know your partner has yeast infection, there’s no point in discouraging yourself from having safe sex. However, it is necessary to remember that vaginal itching and the burning sensation might make sex very uncomfortable for your partner.

Another thing that may prevent you from making love is the treatment given to your partner. If a woman is making use of some ointment or cream to deal with the infection, it’s best to postpone the sexual intercourse until the treatment is over, as sex can pull the medication out from the vaginal area.

When To Seek The Treatment?

If your female partner starts to experience any indications of a yeast infection, such as itchiness, burning, discharge, or soreness, she should be taken to a physician as soon as practically possible for proper diagnosis and treatment. I have experienced yeast infection several times in my life and in the majority of instances, it happened because of unsafe sex.

While yeast infections aren’t life threatening for most of the males, they can trigger pain, itchiness and the burning sensation in the penis. As far as I am concerned, I avoid having sex during the time my partner is being treated for the disease; however, it mostly depends on what you and your partner feel most comfortable doing. For me, the ultimate relief came when both of us managed to eliminate the signs of infection. Otherwise, we would just be infecting each other repeatedly. A male yeast infection is both embarrassing and discomforting for the impacted individual. Understanding its symptoms and the causes will certainly benefit not just those that are currently infected but all men in general as it helps in both the diagnosis, prevention and cure of yeast infection.

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